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Training Practice

We are an approved training practice which is a great testament to the team that work here and to you for helping others to learn. We teach doctors who would like to be GP’s, medical students and other healthcare professionals. To be a training practice, we have been through a rigorous assessment process to ensure that we provide the right standards of care for our patients, good record keeping and that we can teach.

Sometimes, this means another person sitting in during consultations. This is an invaluable experience for them and we are always extremely grateful to you for allowing this to happen.

However, we would never allow this without your express permission. There are times when it is not at all appropriate to have someone sitting in. If you feel that this is the case, you must say so and ask to see the doctor or nurse on their own. You must never feel pressured and if you decide not to give permission for this, it will in no way interfere in the standard of care.

It is also important to stress that anyone we teach is obliged to treat any information they hear or see as completely confidential. Not to do so would result in serious consequences for them.