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Cervical Screening Awareness Week

17.06.2024 – 23.06.2024

What is Cervical Screening?

Cervical screening is also known as a smear test. It is a small and short test which is carried out at the Doctors Surgery by the Practice Nurse. The screening checks for viruses and any change to cells (cell abnormality).

The screening is a short and simple consultation in which the nurse will advise what happens during the procedure and obtain consent before going ahead. it is carried out on females over the age of 25.

The video below will help you to understand the procedure and help to answer any questions you may have and why smears are so important.

Surgeries now usually have additional services which allow more flexibility to those who are unable to attend the Surgery during typical contractual hours (9-5).

Please ask about our ‘Extended Access’ appointments to find out if and what late evening or weekend appointments they have available.

For further details on how the cervical screening is carried out – pelase use Jo’s Trust Chairty link below.

What Happens During a Smear Test? | Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (