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Mental Heath Awareness Week

13.05.2024 – 19.05.2024

Did you know – kindness causes elevated levels of dopamine in the brain, helping us feel happier!!

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual campaign, each year focusing on different forms of mental health.

2024 theme is Movement; Moving more for Mental Health

A short walk, a long walk, a jog…a small form of exervise can help improve your mood and and mental health. Although a lot of people struggle to motivate themselves to move the benefit of movement are massive.

How to motivate yourself…

  • Plan a walk or catch up with friends and family
  • Walk to work or School
  • If School or work are too far away, plan your route to use public transport which also consists of some walking
  • Go to the gym sessions instead of just going to the gym
  • Go swimming
  • Set yourself some targets – distances or little or and often weight losses